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Hector Engine Company No. 3   |  "The Castine Conflagration"  |  Curator's Report

Curator’s Report — September 2000-2001

Curators Report September 2000 - 2001

This past year has been a splendid year for the museum, but before I report on the past, I want to share with members and friends what is currently happening. Many of you already know that the museum has taken on a long and involved project - namely, surveying the local cemeteries. The Castine Cemetery Association has done a fine job of compiling cemetery records throughout the years. Brad Tenney, president of CAA, has kindly shared these documents with us, and we are utilizing them as the basis for our own survey. We are adding to the established records such information as epitaph, stone maker’s mark, type of material, artwork, condition of stone, etc. Several groups of two are gathering the information, using recently-developed forms. This preliminary work has gone very smoothly. We are now ready to enter the data into a computer program being designed by Brian Adams, our new assistant curator, who will be working full time for the ensuing year. Approximately half his time will be focused on this endeavor. Two digital cameras and a computer dedicated specifically for this project and for internet service have been purchased through generous gifts from the community.

The information from our cemetery survey will be available on internet and will be invaluable to researchers and genealogists with ties to our region. Additionally, we plan to offer this customized database to any organization or town that would like to use it for their own purposes. Ultimately, the information we gather in the cemeteries will be connected with the museum’s archival material, as well as with other repositories in the area. Ideas, volunteers and gifts for the project are all appreciated. We are hoping to receive some support from a local grant foundation. Please contact the office for ways that you would like to help: P.O. Box 196, Castine, ME 04421; telephone (207)326-9247 or 8545; or e-mail admin@wilsonmuseum.org.

The summer exhibits were well received and we regretted having to dismantle the cases this fall to make way for new exhibits. Our new digital camera made the process easier, for we have taken pictures of the displayed items before returning them to storage, and they now can be easily viewed on computer. Our exhibits included: Dolls and Doll Accessories; Sundry Cards to Cheer, Delight and Inform; Familiar Faces (spirit masks of several Castine residents); and Ship Model - Juliet Tilden.

In addition to the regular summer programs, we had six special programs on Saturday afternoons during July and August. These programs were launched with a concert presented by the Bagaduce Chamber Players with Arnold Berleant, Albert Stwertka and Penelope Wheeler. This was followed by “A Carribean Voyage in the 16th Century,” with speaker Dr. Riva Berleant; a day-long program hosting members of the Maine Old Cemetery Association; “The Great Battles & Heroes of the Spanish American War,” with speaker Justin Cooper; demonstration of mask-making with artist Edith Platt, “History Through Flags,” with the Honorable Deale Salisbury; and “Pages from a Chinese Coloring Book,” presented by artist Taliesin Thomas. Beside school visits, the museum offered a day-long program for homeschool families with the help of artist/potter Deborah Belyea; Orienteering coordinator Ann Dentino; and the “Crain Sisters” of Readers Theatre, Isabel Crain and LouAnna Perkins. The Castine Historical Society invited the Wilson Museum to take part in its summer lecture series with a slide presentation on “The Wilson Museum — Its First 80 Years.” A similar presentation was given at the Surry Historical Society.

Appreciation is extended to all who have taken part in the work of the society, overtly or otherwise. It is always a pleasure to have such enthusiastic supporters focusing on shared goals.

Patricia Hutchins

Artist George Motycka

Artist George Motycka, Penobscot, recently gave this bronze sculpture, an Atlantic Salmon entitled “Glory of the Moment,” in memory of his wife and friend, Dale Motycka


June 1, 2000- May 31, 2001


Membership $ 2,855.00
Contributions 3,693.79
John Perkins Admission 949.00
Sales 1,125.33
Interest 7,809.18
Dividends 68,128.46
From Endowment Fund 15,517.35


Salaries & wages $ 60,974.77
Summer Programs 2,632.12
Maintenance & Supplies 28,872.79
Utilities 4,551.19
Office, printing & postage 3,047.24
$ 100,078.11

Respectfully submitted,
Jane Surran Pyne, treasurer


Anne Keith, president
Ellenore W. Doudiet, vice-pres.
Patricia Hutchins, secretary
J. Surran Pyne, treasurer
Hoyt T. Hutchins, hon. treas.
Donald Crist
Anne S. Farnham
R. Ewen Farnham
Pauline Hutchins
Lucy J. Webster


R. Ewen Farnham, chairman
Anne Keith, secretary
Justin Cooper
Ellenore W. Doudiet
Patricia Hutchins
J. Surran Pyne


Colin Baker
Jean Baker
John Baker
Elizabeth Ballou
Leon Ballou
Riva Berleant
Elaine Cinciva
Barbara Cooper
Justin Cooper
Sandra Dinsmore
Douglas Endicott
Barbara Feller-Roth
Debi McLaughlin
Shelley McVicker
Hildegarde Perkins
Charlotte Sholod
Frank L. Wiswall, Jr.

Hector Engine Company No. 3   |  "The Castine Conflagration"  |  Curator's Report

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